Two active lime production lines of Pengfei group with a daily output of 1000 tons were successfully ignited in Tangshan ganglu
On November 28, two production lines of Tangshan ganglu with a daily output of 1000 tons of active lime manufactured by Pengfei group were successfully ignited. The project was signed in November 2016, mainly including two main equipment and supporting preheaters, coolers and other equipment of 1000 t / D lime rotary kiln. Since May 2017, Pengfei group has organized overtime work, successively completed Φ 4.88 × 70m lime rotary kiln barrel and preheater, cooler, kiln tail gas system, coal powder preparation system, raw material and finished product transportation and storage system, electrical equipment And automatic installation and commissioning.

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Jiangsu Pengfei constructed 2 * 1000t / D active lime project of Dongfang hope Jinzhong Aluminum Co., Ltd
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